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For sellers in possession of distressed homes, making the sale can prove an extremely challenging process. These homes often take much longer to attract interested buyers, who prefer a home free of the issues that cause a home to be considered distressed such as financial entanglements and foundational damage. We offer these motivated sellers a convenient resource for getting fair market value for their distressed home.

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Delayed Sale

The issues that cause a home to be declared distressed are most frequently discovered during inspection, just as a seller is making plans to move or a buyer is seriously considering a purchase. Some sellers choose to delay their sale until repairs are complete, but in most cases this leads to an investment of thousands of dollars and months if not years of time while the house is prepared for the open market.

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Extended Timeframe

Owners of homes considered distressed also regularly underestimate the length of time it will take for the home to make the improvements that help attract seriously interested buyers on the open market. Even basic repairs to common infrastructure issues such as roof damage and plumbing problems can take months to complete, and any legal difficulties surrounding the property are sure to be a deal breaker for most buyers.


Extreme Circumstances

Homes can even become distressed due to factors well beyond the control of the homeowner. In the case of uninhabited properties, squatters sometimes take up residence to make most real estate and renovation operations difficult or impossible. Tenants can even do intentional damage to the property after learning of an impending sale, adding costly repairs to the expense of a sale through traditional means

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Information for Sacramento, California

California, capital of California, U.S., and seat (1850) of Sacramento county, in the north-central part of the state. It is situated in the Sacramento Valley (the northern portion of the vast Central Valley) along the Sacramento River at itsconfluencewith the American River, about 90 miles (145 km) northeast of San Francisco and 45 miles (72 km) north of Stockton. The city site itself is flat, but the land gradually rises to the east on the approach to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The area experiences long, hot, dry summers and cool, damp winters with periodic foggy spells.Sacramento River at Sacramento, California, U.S. Andy Z/ Sacramento, one of the state's oldest incorporatedcommunities , lies at the heart of a four-county metropolitan area. Suburbs - concentrated largely to the north and east of the city - include Citrus Heights, Folsom, Carmichael, North Highlands, and Roseville; other communities include Parkway (south) and West Sacramento (west). Inc. city, 1850. Area city, 99 square miles (256 square km). Pop. (2000) 407, 018; Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville Metro Area, 1, 796, 857; (2010) 466, 488; Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville Metro Area, 2, 149, 127.HistoryMaidu peoples were early inhabitants of the region. In the 1770s the valley was visited by Spanish explorer Pedro Fages, who named the river for the Christian religious sacraments. German-born Swiss pioneer John Sutter established the colony of Nueva Helvetia (New Switzerland) in 1839 on the site, a Mexican land grant, and beginning in 1840 built a palisaded trading post known as Sutter's Fort (now a state historic park). Hiscommunity , initially populated by fellow Swiss immigrants, prospered as an agricultural centre and as a refuge for American pioneers until the 1849 Gold Rush. It was at a sawmill that Sutter was constructing, about 35 miles (55 km) northeast on the American River, near Coloma, that his chief carpenter, James W. Marshall, found the first gold on January 24, 1848. Hordes of prospectors pillaged Sutter's property, and, deeply in debt, he deeded his lands to his son, who laid out the present city that year. Sutter's Fort State Historic Park, Sacramento, California, U.S. Hans Hannau - Rapho/Photo Researchers Profiting from the mining trade, Sacramento grew rapidly and was the scene of an armed squatter's riot over the legality of Sutter's grant. With a population of more than 10, 000 in 1854, it was chosen the state capital. In its early decades Sacramento suffered several devastating floods and fires; subsequent measures (levees and masonry construction)alleviatedthese problems. A hub of river transportation since Sutter started a steamer service, Sacramento was the western terminus of the Pony Express and the first California railroad (1856; the Sacramento Valley Railroad to Folsom). More significantly, four Sacramento merchants - Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins, Collis P. Huntington, and Leland Stanford - financed the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad. Stretching eastward from the city, it completed the country's first transcontinental rail link when it was joined to the Union Pacific Railroad at Promontory Point, Utah, in May 1869. A discussion concerning the history and the impact of the railroad, from the documentary � Great Museums Television (A Britannica Publishing Partner) In 1862 the Central Pacific Railroad Central Shops were located in Sacramento, and they were until the 1950s the largest employer in the city, with employment peaking around 5, 000 persons during World War II. The shops were one of the largest industrial sites west of the Mississippi River, and, until they closed in 1993, virtually every piece of Central (later Southern) Pacific rolling stock was either built or serviced in these shops. Today the 245-acre (100-hectare) site is one of the country's largest urban infill projects, planned to accommodate a mixed-use development around a core of historic shop buildings, the oldest of which dates from 1869.Test Your KnowledgeHuman Body:Fact or Fiction?The Sacramento River was dredged in the early 20th century, which provided ships seasonal access to the sea; a newer canal, opened in 1963 to San Francisco Bay, made Sacramento a year-round deepwater port. Britannica Stories In The News / GeographyColossal Statue of Ramses II ('Ozymandias') Discovered in CairoDemystified / ScienceIs Climate Change Real?Spotlight / HistoryThe Legacy of Order 9066 and Japanese American InternmentIn The News / ScienceMore Evidence of Neanderthal Lifestyles After the Gold Rush heyday, Sacramento's population grew steadily until the first decades of the 20th century, when it began to increase more rapidly. People were drawn to the region's expanding agriculture-related industries and, from the 1940s, its military installations (now closed). The city began annexing much of the land surrounding it (including the city of North Sacramento in 1964), increasing its area sevenfold between 1940 and 2000; in that same period Sacramento's population nearly quadrupled. Citizens of European ancestry, long the great majority of the city's population, nowconstituteless than half. Hispanics represent the fastest-growing component, accounting for more than one-fifth the total; there are also significant groups of African Americans and people of Asian ancestry.The contemporary citySacramento is the centre of the region's extensive agricultural production - primarily dairy products, poultry, beef cattle, fruits and vegetables (especially grapes, pears, and tomatoes), wheat, rice, and corn (maize). The city's traditional economic base of government and other services and agriculture has been expanded to include electronics manufacturing, computer software production, tourism, and the manufacture of metal products and scientific instruments. Other industries include food processing (especially almonds), printing and publishing, aerospace, and the manufacture of wood products. Sacramento has an international airport located just northwest of the city. State Capitol, Sacramento, California. Kenny Tong/ The Roman golden-domed Corinthian State Capitol (constructed 1860 - 74), in the heart of the city, is surrounded by 40 acres (15 hectares) of parkland and includes a museum. California State University, Sacramento, was established in 1947, Sacramento City College in 1916, American River College in 1955, and Cosumnes River College in 1970. Cultural institutions include professional ballet and opera companies and several music and theatre groups. Old Sacramento, the city's revitalized historic district along the river, contains the California State Railroad Museum and a variety of shops and restaurants. TheDelta King , a paddle-wheel steamboat, has been converted to a hotel moored at the riverfront. Nearby are the Crocker Art Museum and the Leland Stanford Mansion (1857), now a state historic park. The library on the campus of California State University, Sacramento, in Sacramento, California. DevinCook Connect with BritannicaFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramPinterestNotable annual events are the Camellia Festival (March), the Sacramento Music Festival (May), the California State Fair (July), and Gold Rush Days (September). Sleep Train (formerly Arco) Arena (1988), north of downtown, was the home of the Kings (men's) professional basketball team before the Golden 1 Center opened in 2016. Folsom Lake, northeast of the city (formed in 1955 by damming the American River), supplies the region with water and is a popular state recreation area. Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complexcomprisesa collection of several refuge areas spread out to the northwest of the city. In addition, the Sacramento region is a gateway to the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe areas to the east. Wetlands area in the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Sacramento Valley, northern � Ann Cantelow/

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Sacramento - Secrets Of Fast Home Sales Revealed (We Buy It!) Articles

Distressed Properties FAQs

What are Distressed Properties?
In real estate, if a homeowner suffers from financial problems, which render him unable to meet his monthly mortgage obligations, he is said to be in distress and the home is referred to as a Distressed Property. Based on the stage of foreclosure the property is in, it can be classified as a pre-foreclosure, foreclosure at auction or a bank owned home/repo home.

For more information, simply check our What are Distressed Properties? page.

How to buy distressed properties?
Buying distressed homes is simple enough. You only need to determine where in the stage of foreclosure is your entry point and understand what is involved in purchasing these properties. Each stage will require a different approach, so it is also crucial you do your homework even before you search for the perfect distressed property.

To help you make sure your purchase is a success, check out the How to Buy Distressed Properties page.

How to invest in distressed properties?
Considering the impressive profit potential offered by distressed properties, it is not surprising buyers are presented with numerous investment opportunities. You will find investing in these distressed homes is quite lucrative. Of course, in order to maximize the said potential, you have to make sure you know and understand what is involved in each of these opportunities.

You can refer to the Guide in Investing in Distressed Properties for more information.

How to find distressed properties?
When it comes to finding distressed properties, there are actually several ways to do so. You can choose to go the traditional route and search neighborhoods or scan classified ads in newspapers. But there is actually a more efficient and convenient way - there are distribution centers.

We offer a large selection of distressed houses for sale, including pre foreclosures, foreclosures at auction and bank owned properties located in all 50 US states. You will have easy access to all relevant information pertaining to these homes with just a few clicks in your computer. Finding the best deal on a distressed property which meets your budget and preferences will always be hassle-free.

Is there a specific type of distressed properties which is more profitable to invest in?
You will be pleased to know that despite the many types of distressed properties, all of them promise to be profitable. Your choice will simply have to depend on your resources and needs. Since each type of distressed home offers their own advantages, you have to determine which type you are comfortable of buying and eventually owning.

Are distressed homes always sold as is?
In general, distressed properties are sold as is. For this reason, you have to conduct a thorough inspection of the property to see the extent of repair work needed. Hiring a professional inspector is strongly recommended. In few cases, the seller will agree to agree to shoulder the repair cost as long as they are minimal. It is really a matter of knowing exactly what you are buying and negotiating with the seller.

What Are Handyman Specials?
Distressed properties which require extensive repair are usually referred to as Handyman Specials. They are usually sold at very low prices since the buyer will have to spend much on repair and renovation. It is important you know exactly how much it would cost you to have the property fixed up to estimate your potential profit. You can do so by working with an experienced and professional contractor.

What are Fixer Upper Homes?
These distressed properties - as their name suggest - requires fixing up. Investors consider these properties as the perfect choice for flipping since they can be bought for a fraction of their market values. Obviously, you will have to order a thorough home inspection to determine how much it will cost you to repair the property. Once they have been repaired and renovated, they can be sold for considerable profit, which is why many real estate investors consider them gold mines.

What do I need to get started with distressed homes investing?
To get you started on your distressed homes investing, you will need to educate yourself about everything there is to know about properties in distress from buying to cashing in on your investment. Of course, you have to understand your success will be greatly dependent on finding the best deals.

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